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MIU: Graduation Week: MIU Faculty Achievements and Special Awards

Instruction & Practice of Maharishi Yoga Asanas, Pranayama

MIU: Graduation Week: Annual Student Awards Ceremony

MIU: Graduation Week: Commencement Address by Dr. Hassan Tetteh, Noted Heart Surgeon and Author

June Full Moon Festival for World Peace: Maharishi Gandharva Veda(SM) Music

Instruction and Practice of Maharishi Yoga Asanas, Pranayama

TM Talks: “Staying Healthy and Growing Creatively as We Age,” with Linda Egenes

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January 22, 2024

Preorder Package for Dr. Tony Nader’s Book in Paperback!

This generous preorder package contains Dr. Nader's new book, Consciousness Is All There Is: How Understanding and Experiencing Consciousness Will Transform Your Life, plus 6 monthly webinars, an hour long consultation with a Consciousness Advisor, a free-ebook, Untold Stories from the Life of Dr. Tony Nader–in His Own Words, and a surprise bonus!
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April 25, 2024

Sign up now! Summer 2024 World Peace Assembly at MIU

Help create a global wave of peace and harmony – especially important just three months before the US national elections. President John Hagelin will lead the course, we'll connect with Dr. Tony Nader, celebrate Guru Purnima, and remember the 50th anniversary of MIU moving from Santa Barbara to Fairfield! Join us July 20–August 2!
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